What you want. When you want it!

Whether you’ve had something in mind for years or are just starting to explore, we’ve likely got a box (or 20) that will pique your fancy.
Our library ranges from a romantic indoor picnic to intense bondage play and everything in between. While we make about 30 fantasies
available individually, there are plenty more behind the scenes. Just email us at info@thefantasybox.com!


Fantasy Categories

Starlight Romance

The "Introduction" Box

The Spa Fantasy

Indoor Picnic

All About Her

Massage Auction

Anniversary Box

Bubble Bath for Two

Nuru Massage

Pedicure Pampering- Reconnecting

Sensual Bundle

The "Grey" Area

The Contract

The Secret Agent

Tear Away

Master & Slave

The Interrogation


Control Bundle- Part 1

Control Bundle- Part 2

Control Bundle- Part 3

Dominatrix Bundle

Voyeur Bundle


The Ref

The Maid

Bunny Audition

Costume Bundle- For Her

The We-Vibe Experience

Anniversary Box

The Secret Agent

Naughty Wine Tasting

Artist & Subject

Cabana Attendant

Summer of Love

Lingerie Fashion Show


Strip Poker

Bunny Audition


Playful Bundle

Anniversary Box

The Honeymoon Box

Build your own 3-box Bundle!

Pregnancy Bundle

Fun At Work- Trying To Conceive

Hotel at Home- Trying To Conceive

Taste Testing- Trying To Conceive

Pajama Party- 1st Trimester

Pregnancy Fashion Show- 2nd Trimester

New Positions- 3rd Trimester

Getting Your Groove Back- Just for Mom

Sensual Shower- Reconnecting

Iron Chef- Reconnecting

Quickie Kit- Reconnecting

Queen For A Day- Reconnecting

Pedicure Pampering- Reconnecting

Moi - Girl's Night In

Bath Time

Moi - Han Solo

Getting Your Groove Back- Just for Mom