Account Management

Account information update

You can update your billing, shipping, sizing, price tier, frequency or contact information at any time by clicking here View account information.

Credit card update

Expired card? Fraud exposure? Update your card quickly and easily to make sure there's no interruption in your service by clicking here MY SUBSCRIPTION LOGIN.

Pausing & Canceling

To cancel an existing subscription, simply log into your account and set your status to "cancel." Should you choose to rejoin, log back in and set it to "active" and you will pick up where you left off! If you would like to 'pause' you account for certain number of months (ie. going on vacation or have a life event), just email us at and let us know what month you would like your subscription to resume at and we'll just set it to resume at the time you choose. PLEASE NOTE: Your account needs to be pause or cancelled by the last day of the month. Once your card has been billed for a subscription box, it can not be cancelled.