Date nights delivered to your door- from romantic to risqué

The Fantasy Box is the leading service providing romantic adventures for couples looking to deepen their intimacy and explore new horizons in the privacy of their own homes.
Every Fantasy Box is designed around a specific theme (like Spa or Interrogator & Spy) and contains full-sized luxury products to play out the scenario. Most importantly, each box contains detailed instruction cards for each person to eliminate the guesswork and worry that can often accompany experimentation.
With options from purchasing a single box to fully-customizable subscriptions that will expose you to all our themes in a specific sequence, this is much more than a "box of stuff". This is the best value you will ever get from investing in yourself and your relationship.

Everyone Has Fantasies. Fact. What's Yours?

Whether you’ve had something in mind for years or are just starting to explore the possibilities, we’ve likely got a box (or twenty) that will pique your fancy. Our library of 70+ fantasies range from a romantic indoor picnic to intense bondage play and everything in between.
While we make about 30 fantasies available for individual purchase, there are plenty more behind the scenes. Just email us at and we're more than happy to help you find what you are looking for!
So you may ask “what makes us different?” Role Cards

Our signature Role Cards

No matter your experience level, trying to introduce something new into the bedroom can consume your time and create anxiety. The Fantasy Box takes care of everything by sending step-by-step instructions for both people in every experience. Our Role Cards offer suggestions from setup through initiation, including options for dialing the sexiness up or down to your comfort level.
Do you know what's on your partner's mind in bed? They, yours? At the end of every experience, we suggest you “debrief” to talk about what worked for you and what you’d rather not do again. Then, just email us and we’ll update your preferences to make sure you never receive things you don’t enjoy again.
Simple, easy, sexy and fun.

What's Inside

Our boxes include carefully selected, high-quality, full-sized products
that are specific to each box’s theme. No two boxes contain the same items
so you are guaranteed to never get duplicates and always be building your collection.


  • Subscription

    best value
    from $39
    surprise every month
  • Bundles

    one time purchase
    3 boxes in one theme
    sensual, control, voyeur, etc
  • Single Boxes

    over 25 to choose from
    no pressure
    no committment