Sexy, adventurous date nights with themes ranging from romantic to risqué

In every box, you’ll receive a range of items, from lingerie to candles, massagers to lollypops, customized to each theme. But most importantly, our signature 'role cards', that take any guesswork out of the night, offering tips/tricks on everthing from how to setup the date, to how to make that 'sexy move' that will floor your partner.

After a few boxes, you are not only broadening your horizons, but you are collecting a toolbox of communication skills and learning how to openly approach topics that over 75% of couples are unable to discuss.

This is not a 'box of stuff'. This is an experience.

Everyone Has Fantasies. Fact. What's Yours?

Front row seats to your own Private Lingerie Runway Show?
A romantic indoor picnic? Being punished by your own personal dominatrix?
That 50 Shades experience with someone you trust.
Or a spa night with your own personal masseuse.
Out of 60+ fantasy date nights, we assure you have it covered.
Fully customizable. Choose what you like, or what you don't and we'll take care of it!
Wondering if we have yours...? Write to us at and we'll make a suggestion as to what fantasy is for you! OR if we don't have it, maybe we'll do it for you!

Invest in your relationship

Whether you are fanning the flame of a thriving relationship or rediscovering one that is flickering, we bring sexy fun without stress or anxiety.
Hundreds of relationships saved, thousands strengthened.
Does you know what's on your partners mind in bed? They, yours?

(don't you think its time you did?)


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