The end of wedding season means….you’ve got to get that wedding gift sent out before it slips even further down the to-do list. Unless you’re one of those people whose signature move is to get a sneak-peek at the registry so you can order the cake-cutting knife, champagne toast glasses, barware or BBQ tools…you might be putting this off as shelling out $100 for half a place setting doesn’t really inspire most of us.

Fear not! We have compiled a list of the most useful and unique wedding gift ideas. There is no rule that it needs to be on the registry to be appreciated. And we guarantee there will be no forgetting who gave this to them, unlike that water pitcher…

  1. Movie passes:Newlyweds spend so much time planning their wedding that sometimes it’s nice to just go veg out for a while. There are tons of services for pre-paid passes to movies or you can just get vouchers for a local theater (and maybe some for snacks)! Even better- if there is a theater in the area that serves food and drinks at your seat- splurge for that.
  2. Airline miles/hotel points: These are the best, best, best (did we mention best) gift you can give because it gets the likely cash-strapped couple out of the house and making new memories. The prevalence of hotels and airline miles from rewards cards and usage is so high…I’m sure you (or you and some friends) can pool enough for a night away or a domestic round-trip flight.
  3. Luggage:In the travel vein, if the couple doesn’t get out much, get them at least one really awesome rolling suitcase (the kind with four wheels). It will make traveling so much less stressful and, lower stress means more smiles J
  4. Tree hammock: If the couple is outdoorsy, tree hammocks are fantastic. You keep them in the back of the car and strap it around neighboring trees and make a relaxing getaway anywhere. Just google “tree hammock” and you’ll get a ton of options. Or, go all out and get the hot tub hammock.
  5. The Honeymoon Box:Yes, of course we think our Honeymoon Box is a great gift (clearly, we’re biased) but if you want to give them a gift they will REALLY remember and appreciate, this is a fun, tasteful, classy way to do it. Available in Nice or Naughty…it’s like the wedding day vs the bachelor/bachelorette party vibes. You can’t go wrong.
  6. Local Tourist:It’s pretty much a given that if you live in a city, you rarely play tourist there. Give them an itinerary and tickets (or vouchers for any convenient day) for local attractions. Do the planning for them- classic restaurants, items to order on the menu, museum exhibits, you name it. If there’s nothing fun in their immediate town, that’s okay! Just pick a drivable location and set up something fun. It’s you doing the planning that matters J
  7. Love Languages:The book “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman is a must for every couple. It’s all about identifyinghow each person likes to express love and have it expressed to them. It’s game-changing and fight-stopping. Trust us on this one.

Good luck and happy shopping!

The Most Useful and Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for the Newlyweds

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