Whether you’re an expert Fantasy Boxer, a newbie, or just looking around…we put together 6 hot little tips for how to dial your bedroom repertoire up a notch…or twelve.

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It’s so easy to fall into complacent conversational habits…while more interesting topics can be right there, ready for the picking. The centerpiece of our Intro box is two “sensual surveys” that will get you talking about some fun, silly, sexy and salacious secrets you may never have known about each other. But don’t stop there! We certainly don’t cover all the bases. Use this as a springboard for the future and come up with your own occasional (and even scandalous) questions about something you have always wanted to know. It can quickly turn a “meh” night into a memorable one.

Consider our store to be your own personal sensual menu, to order from, or just peruse at your leisure. In fact, it can be a great exercise to sit down together and look through all our boxes. Not only to dig into each other’s thoughts and desires, but to make sure you are getting the most out of your subscription. We categorize our fantasies by category – Sensual, Playful, Control and Costume- and list around 50 of them in our online store (plus toys, lingerie, etc.). Once you look, just email us for anything you want to have removed from your deliveries, or want more of! (keep in mind there are some special edition boxes that are only for single purchases).

Even better- if you come up with an idea you don’t see, email us! It may be something we have that’s not listed – or maybe something we have in the pipeline. If we don’t have it and we turn it into a box, we’ll send you the first one off the line, in Platinum, on us!



People think that ‘awkward sexual experiences’ are bad – WRONG! After something doesn’t result in a standing ovation in bed…don’t roll over and pretend it didn’t happen (ok there are a few of those situations where that is appropriate – like if he yelled “Aunt Judy” during orgasm). It’s reality that not every new experience is going to go perfectly right out of the gate…even for the professionals. 😉

In fact, one of the reasons we send instructions for each person that specifically tell you things like how to approach your partner, mindset, techniques, etc… is that if all goes well, YOU get all the credit. If it goes poorly, the blame is on us. You can be unafraid to have the “debrief” conversation after you finish and talk honestly about what worked for you and what you’d prefer not to do again. For example, you can say “well, it turns out I feel silly wearing costumes- let’s tell them not to send any costume boxes anymore.” Or, “I really liked where this was going but it would be better if you tied my hands at this angle and a little less tight.” Because with honest feedback about how to make a new experience for you both better…the next time you play you may have a TOTALLY different experience!



If there is something you have a hard limit on that’s totally normal and understandable. Knowing your limits is an important part of sexual exploration and growth. But please do take a minute to ask yourself why something is a limit. Is it because you’re embarrassed or worried your partner won’t like it? Did someone tell you it was bad (or they didn’t like it)? Taking a minute to consider the source of your limits may stem from something “fixable” that could be causing you to miss out on something (or preventing your partner from experiencing something they have been dying to). If we could only tell how many times we got a letter from someone saying, “This is never something I thought I would have liked and now it’s our favorite!” So, go ahead, bite them, say something very dirty, put that finger there, wear that outfit you were scared to try! You’d be surprised how much the upsides outweigh the downsides. If you have something you’ve been mulling over, EMAIL US – we’d be happy to give you advice.


step 5

While there is never a bad time for that surprise dinner in his favorite lingerie or a decked-out bubble bath date for her, special occasions are, at a minimum, built-in times to celebrate.

Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays…these things are chances for you to show your partner how much you are invested in their happiness (and get a little for yourself, naturally).

To make it easier for you, you may have noticed that when you sign up with us, we grab your birthday and anniversary dates. We’ll remind you a few weeks before both and send you discount codes to help make that perfect night even more attainable. Our Anniversary box is a favorite (so fun), and our Holiday and Valentine’s collections always sell out. Because who doesn’t love a romantic fondue date or a HOT sexy Santa outfit?

Because we don’t know how you like to celebrate, we always leave those decisions to you. However, we promise to always have options for super fun complete date nights to individual goodies to make those special occasions truly, well, special.


step 6

NOT LIKE THAT! Mind out of the gutter! 😉 We can customize your experiences by removing, or adding boxes that you like or don’t like! So when you have something that ‘wows’ you or falls flat, please TELL US. Promise, it’s between us! In fact, you can email Mariah or Chris (our co-Founders who write all the fantasies) personally; just write to the main email (info@thefantasybox.com) and ask to be connected to one or both privately. Bad feedback is every bit as welcome as good! Feedback, feedback, feedback! We are literally ALL about communication.


Now get out there and have some fun, people!

Mariah, Chris and Team TFB


How To Get What You Want In Bed
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