When temperatures spike, we can often find ourselves lacking energy or motivation to do much of anything, including turn up the heat in our relationships. Don’t let this wonderful season pass you by! We’ve come up with 10 fun and easy ideas to keep your season kicking.

1) Hiking stop 

Get outside (early) and go for a hike. Hiking gets you outdoors together and the blood flowing but at a pace where you can easily talk. Bring a small blanket or towel and find a spot to surprise your loved one with a small break filled with kisses and snacks if you choose.

2) Truth or truth 

Forego the evening’s movie or Netflix binge and get to know each other a little better. The surveys in our Introduction box are by far our most raved-about feature because, guess what, most couples stop talking about preferences and dreams and switch to day-to-day stuff pretty early. Pick up a book of questions on Amazon or write your own and make a copy for your honey.

3) Cabana time

You may not be headed to a fancy hotel but you can bring the fun and relaxation of a cabana to your summertime plans. Any outdoor area will do. Set up an umbrella, a chair, a bucket with ice and throw together a “menu” and invite your partner to be pampered by you for an afternoon. Or, pick up our limited edition Cabana Attendant box and let us do the planning for you.

4) Hotel bar sunset

Summer days are longer so it’s much easier to get to see the sunset without rushing out of work. Hotel bars often have great views and no cover charge. Invite your sweetie to meet you for a drink or appetizers and watch the sun set together.

5) Brunch

Indulge your loungy inclinations and cook a fabulous brunch at home. Invite your squeeze to join you and serve something bubbly to start followed by some fresh fruit and maybe an omelet. Want to go all out? Leave a robe for them to wear and give them a foot massage at the conclusion. The key is to take your time- enjoy each other’s company for a couple hours (or more)

6) Yoga

Yoga is super sexy (so sexy in fact that we made a yoga date box). It’s also something you can easily do together and it will get you out of the heat. If you’re not regular practitioners, find a beginner’s class and ladies, we suggest you splurge on a pair of yoga pants. ☺

7) Ice cream

Go old fashioned and sweet this summer. Head to your local ice cream parlor and grab a couple scoops or a sundae. If you want to turn up the spice level, get it to go and try dripping and licking it off each other ☺

8) Outdoor movie

If you have a movie in the park or drive-in theater near you, this is a no-brainer. If you don’t, you can set up a fun outdoor seating area and bring your laptop. The point is more about being on a blanket outdoors together than about the actual movie.

9) Temperature play

For those of you not familiar with the term, the adult industry makes products you can heat up or cool down to give a new twist on familiar sensations. Just pick up some glass toys and freeze them or warm them up in a bowl of warm water, blindfold your partner and experiment. Or, try making ice cubes with fun new shapes ☺

10) Play in public

Take your traditional date night up a notch (or ten) with a remote-or-app-controlled vibrator. We-Vibe has tons of fantastic options for her or him or you can pick up our bestselling We-Vibe Experience box– a complete date night plan that includes the We-Vibe Sync couples’ vibe, a super-sexy teddy, massage oil, a wartenberg wheel and our signature role cards.

Happy summer!!!

10 Hot Summer Date Ideas

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