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Costume Bundle

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If you love dressing up, or seeing your lady dressed up, you definitely want this bundle. This 3-box series explores some classic costume fantasies with our signature Fantasy Box twists. Nervous about role playing? Don't worry, we give you multiple options for how to set the stage and introduce the costume. We would never leave you hanging (no pun intended) ;)

The boxes in this bundle are Schoolgirl, Maid and Bunny, however if you'd like to substitute any of those for other themes (like Ref or Nurse), just email us and we'll make it happen!

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Our Costume/Role Play Bundle

'Be yourself' is great advice. But it can be kinda fun to be someone else for an hour or so too. ;)

Like to take some chances? Or feel like you should be taking some more? We have come up with 3 INCREDIBLE costume/role play fantasies that will allow you to step out of your shell a little bit and really flirt it up. Don’t worry, they don’t require ANY humiliation or embarrassment (and it's not the 'pizza man' - haha!). The costumes that come in this bundle are for women. But, if you’re looking to reciprocate, we’ll be adding a male-costume bundle shortly!


The Costume/Role Play Bundle

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