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Control Bundle- Part 1

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The Control 1 bundle is the first of 3 bundles dedicated to the exploration of bondage, dominance and submission. For couples who are new to this dynamic, this is a great place to begin, though the boxes are far from tame.

The Control 1 bundle includes The Grey Area, Tear Away and Master & Slave boxes. If you've already received one of these or have no interest in receiving it, email us and we can substitute it for you!

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Our original Control Bundle

Our original, best selling Control Bundle, with comes with 3 control based fantasies, sent one per month or every other month - your choice.

Bondage has been around for a long long time. But “50 Shades of Grey” came along sold 100 MILLION copies and made it mainstream.

“Control” is an amazing thing. Controlling your partner, and being controlled, when done with respect and boundaries, is the ultimate expression of pure sexuality, power, and trust. We don't send you weird, stereotypical “leather tied up with a ball gag in your mouth“ fantasies, either. This bundle is written for the man to lead. If you’re looking for a woman-in-control scenario, check out our “Leading Lady“ bundle.



Warning: Nothing 'sweet' about this fantasy.

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