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Control Bundle- Part 3

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Introducing The Control Bundle Part III - three completely new, boundary-pushing fantasies. While we'd never send anything designed to hurt, these will push you to explore your mental and physical limits. This is both thrilling and a great way to further trust with your partner. This bundle includes the following three boxes:

Our Little Secret: This one is designed to be played out in a hotel. While it can be done at home, if budget is a consideration, we'd suggest you get the Classic version of the bundle and splurge for a hotel room. It involves her (or him) arriving early and restraining and blindfolding themeselves. The partner arrives and enters with a key but doesn't say a word. He does whatever he wants and then leaves...and both people get to keep their little secret. :)

Old School Love: When we say "old school" we mean you're going MacGyver on this one. He binds her in saran wrap and duct tape and then slowly cuts it away...if you liked Tear Away, this is a whole new level.

Dirty Doctor: This is a very taboo role play featuring a doctor taking advantage of a female patient. The products are medical and the experience is intense...but oh-so-hot. Platinum includes a labcoat and an electrostimulation kit in case you really want to dial it up. Note: This fantasy is harder to play out with her in the lead role given the type of exam that's taking place...but you can always check out Naughty Nurse for something similar with her in the lead (and a sexy costume to boot). 

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This is not for beginners. While we would never send anything harmful, offensive, or dangerous in any way, we ask that you either are very familiar with this style of kink/bondage play, or you at least try one or both of our other Control Bundles. They are a good build up to this series. :)

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