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All About Him


Tonight you are the curator to a suite of the best products on the market for men, that he can choose to use in the bedroom with you or having some quality time on his own. It’s not just women that get to have all the fun products these days. :)

After a tiny bit of light education (that we provide) on the products you will present them to him, and let him choose which ones he would like to share with you, or which he would like to try himself. Just like with the "All About Her" box, of the items can be used to enhance your intimate time together as well as his time alone. This box is meant to take him to new levels of sexual awareness, and it will. :)

Who? The man you love.  A man who you want to show your appreciation for. A man who you can take to a place he never thought possible. You The best partner EVER.

What: Three of the top rated guys sexy toys on the market (and a bonus). All different from each other. All to test out on him or to let him test out on himself. All from you.

Why?  In March we released All About Her containing The Womanizer and it flew off the figurative internet shelves! And now, male toys are the newest greatest thing on the market. Especially the prostate massager! 

Everyone from Ask Men to GQ to every men’s health related site has done an opinion piece on these, citing the alleviation of erectile dysfunction, the reduction of pain from prostate swelling, generally better prostate health through the cleansing of toxins from the reproductive system and produce and protect sperm for those trying to conceive - not to mention bigger orgasms and intense pleasure most men have never imagined

The Aneros Helix is the winner of the Male Pleasure Product of the year and is perfect for beginners.




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