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We-Vibe Fantasies


You invested in the world's greatest couples toy.

Why not get the most out of it?

Note: These fantasies do not include the We-Vibe. If you would like to add on the We-Vibe Sync, please be sure to do so in the customization options.

20 Questions - a Costume Fantasy

For couples who like costumes, this box will be a blast. We send two super-sexy costumes that her partner dresses her in while she's blindfolded and she has to guess what she's wearing. And, of course, buzzes for reinforcing hot or cold guesses :)


Blind Sensations - a Sensual Fantasy

This very sensual fantasy finds both of you blindfolded and holding a remote to control your partner's stimulation (we send a vibrating c-ring for him). See how close you can get when you remove vision from the game...

The Gentleman's Club - a Playful Fantasy

Yes, you guessed it. This fantasy features both of you going to a Gentleman's Club together. And, of course, she's going to be wearing her We-Vibe. This is guaranteed to be a super sexy night for you both. If she's not been to a club of this sort before, you may want to ask her if she'd be up for it before purchasing this box.

The Driver: A Playful Fantasy

The flirty passenger. The sexy driver. A little tease, a little control. Whether you choose to play this out on the road, in your garage or in your home, it's bound to be fun.



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