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All About Her


Since its release, our All About Her box has consistently been a bestseller. Built entirely on client feedback and featuring The Womanizer- a product every woman should have in her collection- this experience is one we can recommend without hesitation for any couple that enjoys sensual experiences and wants to spend a night savoring a host of pleasurable sensations...and each other.

Specifically, here's what we love:

1) Great value- the box includes The Womanizer (a mindblowingly-amazing product), gorgeous lingerie, the Kama Sutra Weekender kit, our instruction cards, packaging and shipping....for the price of The Womanizer alone. You literally can not find a better deal if The Womanizer is a product you've got your eye on.

2) Creative scenario- the role cards set up a complete romantic evening, including ideas for using some household items in new sensual ways. 

3) Easy to do- This box can be done in the privacy of your bedroom (or can pack down easily for travel) and requires minimal set-up. We do suggest the leader read the cards first in case he wants to pick up some roses and nutella and gather the suggested implements from the kitchen. And, as with all boxes with rechargeable products, allow a little bit of time for charging before use. :)

4) Versatile- Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays or any time you want to pamper her (or pamper yourself)

In Platinum, you will receive the Womanizer Premium 2, and in Classic, you'll receive the gorgeous Womanizer Classic.

We promise you won't regret it :)



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