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The "Grey" Area


For those of you who may have had their interest piqued by the erotic romance novel phenomenon of the last few years (involving scenes featuring elements of practices like bondage/discipline and dominance/submission) but don't quite know how to start, this is the box for you- our jumping off point into the 'control' theme. It allows you to get your feet wet without feeling uncomfortable or forced. At the same time, it allows you to take the fantasy as far as you like. ;)

The Platinum box includes LELO Luna beads, a vibrating c-ring, a crystal-handle flogger, bondage tape, a feather tickler, grey tie and panties. Classic includes ben wa balls, a flogger, bondage tape, feather tickler, grey tie and panties. Essentials includes a grey tie, flogger, ben wa balls and bondage tape. 



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