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The Pleased


Practice makes perfect...

Want to know what the perfect gift is for your man?


A tie?

A coffee mug?

Or a golf shirt?

Rather a gift shows the man in your life how sexy you still find him.

There's nothing quite like being in complete control of your partner and being personally responsible for bringing him nothing but intense pleasure.

It feels really good to make your partner happy. Especially when it's clear that you know exactly what you are doing.

Designed as a box centered on his pleasure, both Classic and Platinum contain cards that set you up to provide him with the most pleasurable experience of his life - tips, tricks, advice for oral and more. Products include flavored edible lubricant, Zolo Cup, Tenga Egg, Stroker, Lingerie for her, "ring for BJ bell".

Platinum comes with PicoBong *NEW* BlowHole Sleeve - AMAZING VIBRATING sleeve

Experience intense sensations as you ride waves of pleasure from crest to trough, without even needing to come up for air. BLOWHOLE™ is a smooth silicone masturbation cup featuring 6 intense vibration settings that you can control remotely via mobile app - just download the REMOJI™ app, turn on your Bluetooth® and then thar she blows!

From $79


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