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Dominatrix Bundle


Yes Mistress, I would LOVE another!

This 3-box series puts the woman in control. And we do mean, FULL control. The fantasies in this bundle are all about obeying the leading lady and involve role-playing and costumes. Every fantasy in this bundle is distinct from those sent in the Costume and Control bundles, making it a great complement for a different take on two of our most popular themes.

Mistress & Toy: Our introduction to the mindset of her being fully in control. It, of course, includes a riding crop, a collar and leash and some bada@@ wetlook lingeire and fishnets. If you've been thinking about giving this kind of play a try, you defintely want this.

Teacher & Student: She's the teacher, he's a student who ended up in detention. She can play it stern, or teasing...or it can be very, very taboo.

Nurse & Patient:  She's the nurse and he's come in for an exam. She gives him a full-body checkup which can include the prostate, if you are both up for that (black latex gloves are included). 

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