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Control Bundle- Part 2


Buckle up your neck restraints, people! You asked for more Control...so here it is! A 3-box series continuing the exploration of the control dynamic that are guaranteed to push your boundaries and introduce new products into your collection.. The three boxes in this bundle are:

The Interrogation: A spy has been captured and needs to be interrogated to give a passcode to a secret website (yes, we provide the website and passcode that will flash red or green depending on if the code is correct). Platinum includes an electrostim kit for more enhanced interrogation tactics.

Power Exchange: She starts out in control of this box, dominatrix-style, but we can't guarantee that's where it will end up...

Escort & Patron:  She's the escort, he's the patron. She's paid to do exactly what he wants. This one comes with pretty advanced products including under the bed restraints and a breathable ball gag, if that gives you any idea of the type of acts he'll be requiring.

As with all our boxes (except the Costume series) these can be played with either person in the lead though they are written with gendered pronouns. 

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