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Ugly Sweater Party


Ahh, the joyous tradition of the Ugly Sweater Party. This super playful fantasy involves one person setting up the event and the other leading a trivia game where you both write down answers to the Christmas-themed trivia questions we've prepared. The one who gets the most questions right gets to start the after-party.

Classic and Platinum both include lingerie for her, trunks for him, the Shunga Naughtly Geisha collection (which features a host of arousal gels and a naughty black vibe) and a little something for the victor to use to celebrate their win. Platinum includes two ugly sweaters (shipped separately as they don't fit in the box) and a collection of sensual  products (Exotic Fruits Erotic Massage oil, Toko Aroma Melon-Mango Flavored Lubricant, Raspberry Warming Aphrodisiac oil).



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