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Treasure Hunt


Whether you live in a snowy wonderland or somewhere only mildly chilly, this box is designed to get you nice and hot through physical activity and mental stimulation. As the name implies, you’re going to be hiding objects for the Hunter to find. It’s up to you how intense the hunt is- it can be anything from around your home, your yard, your neighborhood or around the city…the only limit is your imagination (and sufficient safe hiding places). The longer the time, the more the anticipation.

Classic and Platinum both include a finger vibe, massage oil, a boudoir candle, lace lingerie straps, a panty and a set of briefs for him. Platinum includes an upgrade to the Hot Ocotpuss Digit finger vibe and a super-sexy bodysuit for her to wear during (or after) the hunt.

This box can be played with either person in the lead role.



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