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12 Days of Play- Nice


For those who loved the original 12 Days of Play, or for those looking to concentrate on romance this holiday season, this is the box for you.

We’ve prepared 12 dates - each bag contains an instruction card and the central product for playing it out. None of them require any preparation work, they can all be done in your bedroom and, with two exceptions (which are the bags containing sexy wear for one of you), they can be played with either person in the lead role.

There is no specific order in which to play them out so we suggest you grab one, open it, read the card and then decide if you’ll be playing it out immediately or if you want to schedule it for later in the evening. If you want, you can take turns picking or have some kind of game you play daily to decide who gets to pick, open and, if there is no game or defined leader, decide roles.

To give you a little hint without spoiling the surprise, here are the names of the dates:

  • Bathtime

  • By The Fire

  • Foot Love

  • Gummy Sutra

  • Lay It On Me

  • Love Notes

  • Seduce Me

  • Shake It Up

  • Sleepy Dust

  • Story Time

  • Surprise, Surprise

  • Turn Down The Lights

Happy holidays!!



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