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Witch & Wizard


You are a student at a leading school for witchcraft and wizardry. You normally keep your social activity within your house, but it’s your last set of exams before graduation and you’re looking to blow off a little steam without causing a stir among your classmates. So, you head to one of the local taverns. When you arrive, you spot a very attractive wizard sitting by himself. He looks familiar but you’re not sure if he’s a current student or a recent graduate. You decide to throw caution to the wind and approach him.

Classic and Platinum both include a "magical school" uniform for her as well as other gear for the night, including wands, a cocktail menu with ingredients for a special drink, temporary tattoos and and a sexy black vibe. In Classic, the vibe is the Satisfyer Multifun. Platinum includes an upgrade to the Bliss Wand and capes for him and her.



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