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College Girl Spanking


A college professor has a female student who has been teasing him during class over the past few weeks - wearing provocative clothing and sucking on her pen all in an attempt to distract him. Today she sat in the front row in a short skirt and proceeded to repeatedly cross and uncross her legs. You are almost certain that she was not wearing any panties. You had to stand behind the lectern for the whole class, for obvious reasons. Now, you’re going to address the situation.

This fantasy, written by one of our subscribers under a pen name, is meant for those who want the feel of School Girl but in a more grown-up setting. And, for those who want to really focus on sexy spanking, this box is for you.

Classic and Platinum include a bra, panty, skirt, thigh high outfit for her, a ruler, flavored nipple arousal balm, flavored oral sex gel and massage cream. Platinum includes the Le Wand Point- a super powerful, rechargeable, beautiful vibe that's great for solo or couples play.



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