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Grad Student & Advisor


You’re a tenured graduate faculty advisor in the Psychology department at a prestigious university. In addition to teaching classes, you advise students on their thesis research. You’ve always maintained a healthy professional relationship with your graduate students, but there is one student you just can’t help being drawn to. It appears this connection is reciprocated, but you’d never want to be the one to make the first move.

You usually meet in your office, however since it’s a long weekend, you’ve decided to move the meeting to your home. Yes, there might be a little ulterior motive going on here but you’re not going to focus on that. It doesn’t hurt that your area of specialization is human behavior...

This sensual fantasy with a bit of role playing is written to allow either person to play the role of Grad Student or Advisor.

Classic and Platinum both include products to heighten the senses- super sexy lingerie, pheromones, lip stimulant, flavored water-based lubricand and a blindfold. Platinum also includes the gorgeous Le Wand Point. Not quite the same as a laser pointer but we're sure you can figure out how to make use of it ;)



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