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Boot Camp Box


Have you always wanted to bring the experience of boot camp into your home? Well, here's your chance. :)

This box can be played with either person in the lead role- one will be the Drill Sergeant, the other the Recruit. There is one recruit that is going to need some special attention. They’ve shown promise but haven’t been particularly motivated to achieve. So, you’re going to give them some 1:1 attention. You will be focusing on their education in the key skills areas below.

- Endurance
- Water survival
- Marksmanship
- First Aid
- Tactics & Diplomacy 

Of course, we’ve sent some items to include in your tool kit.

Classic and Platinum both include lingerie for her, fishnets, bondage tape, rope, eye black, a red Sharpie, squirt gun, clip board, nametag and oral pleasure glide. Platinum includes camo briefs for him, a camo cock ring and the Leaf Life Vibe...silicone, rechargeable, waterproof and perfect for wilderness fun ;)



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