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Burlesque Show


You are the name on the marquee of the sultriest burlesque joint in town. Your act changes every night, depending on what you are in the mood for. Some nights, you’re playful, smiling and shimmying, other times you’re slow, sexy and use a chair for a prop to sit, straddle and spin. Occasionally, you bring out a crop and trace it up your leg and give yourself a spank. But what you always, always do is pick someone out of the audience to engage with.

Platinum and Classic both include everything the star performer needs to get into character- bra, panty, fishnets, gloves, pasties, garter, body glitter, temporary tattoo, feather boa...and even a colored light bulb to change the mood of the room. Platinum includes the gorgeous Zalo Versailles Fanfan wearable, remote controlled couples vibe in a deep crimson. 

If you've ever wanted to put on a show (or watch one)...this is the box for you.



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