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Bartender & Patron


You are the head bartender in a very swanky speakeasy. Known for bespoke cocktails and witty banter, you’ve basically got the most sought-after job in the industry because the doormen only let in people who give off a vibe that’s not going to bring down the atmosphere. You get to do what you love best- make a great cocktail and chat with interesting people- and get paid well for doing it.

Tonight, a particularly sexy patron walks in and sits down at the bar. Of course, you’re going to meander over and engage them. Welcome them and start out by asking what spirit they like and if they are looking for something sweet, herbal, spicy or surprising…and see where the night takes you.

This fantasy can be played with either person in the lead role.

Classic and Platinum both include bar essentials (cocktail book, shaker, spoon), sexywear for her, a bowtie and suspenders for him and tattoo sleeves for a little added fun. Platinum includes a vibe that can fit discreetly in her purse, a metallic collar and shoulder chain and a pheromone-infused personal scent .



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