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Communications Bundle


Our Communications Bundle is exactly what it sounds like....a selection of boxes whose dynamics center around getting to know each other better.

Choose any three boxes and receive them in whatever order you choose, or all together! If you'd like them shipped as a group, please include that in your Order Notes at checkout or email us at info@thefantasybox.com after your purchase.

Here's a brief overview about each of the boxes as well as a link to its individual product page:

IntroductionOur most popular box. A perfect jumping off point for all couples looking for their first Fantasy Box experience. A sensual and seductive experience designed to enhance communication between partners and expand your bedroom dynamics. This two-part experience starts out with you two exchanging answers to our "sensual surveys" to open up communication about your preferences and is followed by a fun and sexy little game we like to call "leader" and "follower".


Indoor PicnicDesigned as a sensual evening for you two to slow down and savor. We send two questionnaires to get you talking about youre relationship and preferences, of course, some sensual essentials like lingerie, massage lotion, unbreakable champagne glasses, a lacy blindfold and more. Platinum includes trunks for him, a wand vibrator and upgrades across the board.


Yes, I Would:  This box centers on you and your partner figuring out what things you would say "Yes, I Would" to. We take you through an extensive list of questions about your willingness to perform acts or or have them performed on you (and the list gets into pretty deep territory so it’s definitely got a more intense feel than the Introduction or Picnic boxes).


Give Me More: Give Me More is all about checking in on what you want to dial up in your intimate life. Consider this the "yes, and..." box. You’ll each be answering the same questions about what your relationship but you earn points for giving your answer first. The person with the highest point total gets to decide how to play out Part 2…


Fetish Exploration: As the name implies, this fantasy is all about you two getting to know each other’s fetishes, and maybe your own, a little more deeply. We cover things from turn-ons and new sensations to restraints and new produt categories to adult films and sex clubs. And, of course, we hope it warms you up to talk about things that we didn't have on the page that you may have had in the back of your mind for a while...


The Honeymoon Box: Availble in Nice and Naughty versions, The Honeymoon Box includes questionnaires for you both to start out your marriage on the best foot possible as well as "boudoir vows" that you will write for your partner to read back to you :) 


The Anniversary Box: Modeled after The Newlywed Game (where you write down the answer to a question we ask and see if your partner guesses it correctly), The Anniversary Box is a multi-round experience designed to bring you closer, test your knowledge of each other, make you laugh and, of course, send you some of our favorite sexy products to play with.


Pajama Party (Pregnancy Series): Written with the first- trimester in mind, this box is designed to bring you two closer together without the expectation of intimacy. It's set up as an evening at home where you'll talk through our survey about your upcoming life changes, maybe play the game we sent, and possibly more depending on how she's feeling (because, let's be honest, she may feel like puking which is not super sexy- hahaha).


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