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Fetish Exploration


A member of our Communication Series, as the name implies, this fantasy is all about you two getting to know each other’s fetishes, and maybe your own, a little more deeply. We cover things from turn-ons and new sensations to restraints and new produt categories to adult films and sex clubs. And, of course, we hope it warms you up to talk about things that we didn't have on the page that you may have had in the back of your mind for a while...

The dynamic for the game is that you will accrue points for your willingness to answer each question first (with bonus points for coming up with your own!). At the end, the person with the most points gets to choose the Dominant or Submissive role card for the next round…

Classic and Platinum include a breathable ball gag, hogtie, lube, aftercare oil, dildo, rope and wet look lingerie for her. Platinum includes the Le Wand Deux vibe.



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