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Give Me More


Part of our Communication Series, Give Me More is all about checking in on what you want to dial up in your intimate life.

Whether you've been together for 5 days or 50 years…there are always things we can dial up or down in a relationship. One of you may be feeling more adventurous and do not quite know how to bring it up, or conversely, how to slow things down. This box is meant to get you talking and comfortable sharing answers that you find on the page and bringing up things that we didn't prompt you on.

Part 1 will have each of you answering the same questions, but you earn points for giving your answer first. The person with the highest point total gets to decide how to play out Part 2…

Classic and Platinum boxes include a host of intimate products that can be used in various scenarios, from lingerie to massage oil to rope and various other surprises. The Platinum box includes a premium dilly and plug.

***Colors and Styles may vary based upon availability



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