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Welcome to the dark side. Tonight is all about the sensual nature of a little bit of light in a very, very dark room. It’s about touch, taste, smell and hearing...and of course, temperature. The Fire box will take you from warm, to hot, to dripping, to spent. Designed for one but two are welcome, especially if the second likes to watch. :)

Classic and Platinum both include products to heighten sensations all over the body as well as a hot (reference intended) lingerie set. Classic includes one of the strongest external vibrators on the market while Platinum includes the worldwide bestselling LELO Gigi. Pick your pleasure.

Please note that lingerie may vary based on availability by size. If you have a preference for the lingerie shown or want a substitution, please include your request in the Comments section when placing your order and if there are issues or questions, one of our team will reach out before shipping.



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