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Hotel For One


Whether you are traveling for work or just want to treat yourself (or be treated), this experience is all about savoring time away from your normal digs.

We set you up with ideas for how to go all-out for yourself, including how to have dinner for one at a bar or restaurant and feel empowered and in complete control (instead of rushing through it). Date night with yourself could very well become your new favorite event. :)

Classic and Platinum both include lingerie, a kegel set, lubricant, g-spot arousal gel and a book of erotica. Platinum includes an upgrade to the JimmyJane Halo "With three powerful motors nestled within a supple silicone rim, the revolutionary Cyclonic Technology sends rotating vibrations through the motors, which one by one, swirl around the clitoris with unparalleled sensation." Sounds like a nice night to us.

Please note that lingerie may vary based on availability by size. If you have a preference for the lingerie shown or want a substitution, please include your request in the Comments section when placing your order and if there are issues or questions, one of our team will reach out before shipping.



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