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Celebrating Singlehood


We believe that being in a relationship with yourself is a beautiful thing. The concept of being single as a transient stage or something to end as quickly as possible is antiquated and sad. Taking time for yourself, to discover what really makes you happy and never settling for "good enough" is something to be celebrated. As such, this box is all about taking control of your pleasure and is filled with essentials for a "well rounded" bedroom experience.

Classic and Platinum include nipple clamps, a satin blindfold, a pair of handcuffs, a dildo, super-sexy lingerie set and a vibrator. Platinum includes a plug and an upgraded vibrator. If you have lingerie requests, just include them in the comments and we'll take care of it! :)

Please note that lingerie may vary based on availability by size. If you have a preference for the lingerie shown or want a substitution, please include your request in the Comments section when placing your order and if there are issues or questions, one of our team will reach out before shipping.



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