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Olivia's Boudoir Bubble Bath


Get pampered and indulge a partner in this bubbley oasis.

French Vanilla (cream)- It's warm, it's soothing & delectable. The aroma of fresh vanilla beans & pure cane sugar mixed in perfect harmony.

Caribbean Mist (green)-  Paradise found with the soothing salts and the lucious scent of fresh mango intertwined with tropical island coconut.

Celestial Water (blue)- Magical splashes of ocean surf and layers of sea breeze go into creating the earthly scented salt.

Passion Flower (dark pink)-  A flirty fragrance created from the fusion of fresh orange, jasmine, cherry & peach blossoms.

Pink Cashmere (hot pink)-  Sensual layers of jasmine, amber, musk and sandlewood make it a blissfully fragranced salt.

Rose Petals (red)-  Just as its name states..the classic scent of dozens of fresh roses.



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