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New Positions- 3rd Trimester


When the belly gets big, couples have to get a little creative. We've heard from many couples that while they crave intimacy, it's not as simple as just laying back and having a good time. So, let's have some fun! Designed for the third trimester but fun whenever, this box contains some of our favorite products for new positions.

Classic and Platinum both include open panties, a "doggie style strap" that can be used to support the hips, a set of over-the-door cuffs for her to hang onto either bent over or upright against the door. And, of course, a sex swing she can sit in (with a firm grip on the handles, mind you) and be rocked back and forth. Platinum includes the decadent Embrace body wand.

If you have any of these already, just let us know and we can swap them out for you!


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