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Pedicure Pampering- Reconnecting


Step right up and get your ticket to tootsie paradise!

Think of this as a spa experience focused almost entirely on her feet. We send everything needed for a decadent morning, afternoon or evening at your "home spa"...from lingerie to lotion to toenail polish and toe separators. Of course, we also give tips for how to massage and paint because we wouldn't want to leave the dads high and dry.

Oh, and since this is a Fantasy Box, there are some goodies for taking that pleasure and relaxation to the next level. Just be sure not to smudge the polish!! :)

Both Classic and Platinum include lingerie, lotion, polish, toe separators, polish removers, rose petals, tea lights and a vibrator. Platinum includes upgrades to the lingerie and vibrator and includes a robe as well.



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