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Taboo Fondue


The creator of the chocolate Easter Bunny is rolling over in his grave.

Tonight you are going to walk the dental-floss-thin line between one of the sexiest, most romantic, Valentine’s dates possible, and the silliest, funniest, activities you have done with your partner.

Start out with a lovely fondue date - some chocolate strawberries and champagne. Sexy lingerie. Conversation. And just when it seems like it can't get any more romantic, we throw in a twist.

They say chocolate is the way to a woman's heart. Well, today it's the way to a man's heart as well. You are going to be making an edible chocolate replica of your most personal asset.

And when it's over - THAT''s when the fun begins!

And before you judge, think of it this way...

This is the essence of, not only relationship, trust, and communication building but simply bonding and memory and relationship forging – something you guys will remember as ‘that Valentine’s Day’ for a long time.

**Comes complete with everything you need including fondue set! (except for food)

This is THE most fun, sexy, exciting, slightly inappropriate, Valentine’s Date you have ever had.

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