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A Night to Remember


If you're a couple that enjoys romantic evenings by the fire, or are planning a getaway to somewhere with a fireplace, this is the experience for you.

This Sensual fantasy is meant to be played out at your leisure...no handcuffs, no bondage tape, no costumes. Just the two of you, a gift exchange (provided by us) and some serious "quality time." While this fantasy is all about connection, it is definitely not G-rated.

Both Classic and Platinum boxes include lingerie for her, a glass wand massager that can be heated up or cooled down for temperature play and a vibrating c-ring. Platinum includes an upgrade to the JeJoue Mio c-ring (our all-time favorite) and trunks for him.

Note: Lingerie may vary based on size and availbility. If you have requests, please include them in your order notes at checkout.

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