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The Candy- Control


For those of you that love our "Control" dynamic, we've written this one for you.

This super-sexy fantasy involves the "making and breaking" of a very special (female) candy cane. Let's say it involves a lot of bondage tape on her body, rope restraints on her wrists and ankles, super-sexy lingerie, lots of teasing and pleasing and some some FEVERISH unwrapping. 

Both Classic and Platinum tiers include lingerie and thigh highs for her, rope, rolls of red and white bondage tape, massage oil and a set of glass ben-wa balls. Platinum includes the LELO Sona Cruise, a toe-curling air pleasure product to enhance the wrapping and unwrapping process :)

Please note that lingerie can vary by size and availabilty so if you have strong preferences, please put them in your order notes!

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